that first night at mine- when you came over to go hot tubbing
I didn’t tell her and you didn’t tell him
plucking the blue flower from fields of yellow
he’d never forgive you and you’d never care

you crawled off of me as quickly as you crawled on
said my body didn’t seem to want you
how my legs just kept closing

I told you about that first time and you said
it made sense
we cuddled and I thought you cared
too easy, mate

long nights at yours, slumber parties on the regular
a month flies by when your heart is fluttering
tequila shots after my long night in Ybor

“there are those who fuck and those who don’t”
Adam- the roommate you never deserved
testosterone- his favorite drug
my legs look like they can ride a dick
he spoke of fucking me ;
you smirked into your Evan Williams
and later fell asleep, holding me
hardness against me

in the morning you’d make yourself sick
and come crawl back behind me
me, massaging your temples
you say show me, what else can you rub?

I didn’t.
but someone else
she had & she was & she did

that last time you dealt to me
and your face when he got in the car

Was I prettiest to you when I wanted you least?