tall with skinny jeans, grey flecked hair
leaned taut over the table
ball sinks

my dollar down, my girl your guy
the hes take it, our partners leave

hours of pabst blue ribbon
and poorly banked shots

tommy sells us yay
by the payphone in the back

pizza at the corner shop,
dirty and greasy
like I imagine us in my mind

we walk the two blocks
to your hotel; second floor

i sit and cut the lines,
you lay back amused
my 11 years junior
an energy you miss

you caress me for hours
an intimacy forgotten

you tell me about your kids
your happy marriage

i feel beautiful by your side

i try to leave later
sneaking quietly from the bed

you ask me to stay
“its nice to hold someone”

i say nothing as he wraps
himself around me

sunshine shines through
and he sneaks into the shower
he insisted i take

soapy bubbles on my back
takes me from behind

i leave my number
on the hotel thoughts pad

hotel exit, continental breakfast
you still on my mind