last night got out of hand

those little white pills
numbing me from wanting you

Movie night|  planned with andy
but I can’t wait
can’t be alone that long

met him at Acrop
Dani saw my face & added vodka
to my sangria
that I didn’t even order

jameson and sangria
hookah | chain smoked menthols
and then en route
walking – back to mine

Andy sees a friend
I’m fucked –
don’t stop to socialize

I do though
manage to score coke

In the 20 minutes we are apart

Andy comes over and we cry
Sad for our lives,
our loves,
our dignity

Reds Apple Ale
swirling numbing smokes
inhalation | insufflation

4:20 AM and he leaves
I lie down
wishing i could sleep through life
and scared id sleep through work

I didn’t.